Bensoul Baby Mama Refutes Baby Trapping Claims

A groupie who had an illicit affair with celebrity musician Bensoul has dismissed allegations that she baby trapped the Sol Generation-signed singer.

In a Q&A session on Instagram, Tiffany Wanjiru Muikamba said she didn’t plan to get pregnant even though it was part of her life plan.

A fan asked: “How does it feel when people assume you baby trapped Bensoul?”

To which Tiffany responded: “TBH I’m just amazed by how the human brains works sometimes. I mean I had a whole plan laid out for my life. A baby is a huge responsibility for anyone just to keep a pregnancy for the fun of it or with expectations of trapping a guy…

“All my life I have never depended on no man except my father,” she claimed, adding: “I have dated wealthier men and honestly nobody I have ever dated can come forward and say my broke a** borrowed them money. Not even one.”

Tiffany also noted it took her months before she decided to keep the baby.

“All I can say is I kept this baby after 2 months of contemplating on what to do. Marie Stopes was not the answer in my case so I decided to move forward,” she wrote.

Another fan asked Tiffany; “You ever regret getting pregnant?”

In her response, the 22-year-old implied that Bensoul is not as happy about the pregnancy as she is.

“No, I have never regretted it. I just wish I had gotten pregnant with someone who actually is as happy as I am about the pregnancy. It wasn’t in my plan to get pregnant at 22. I was waiting till I was like 30 to do this but at least I’ve started early,” she stated.

Tiffany is said to be expecting her baby in about two months.

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