Meet Nurse and Commercial Model, Princess Diana: Patients Hit on Me

Diana Munyasya or Princess Diana as she calls herself on social media is a trained nurse and commercial model.


I am 24 years old and grew up in Kitui county.

So far my most important achievement is that being young, I have gained experience in the medical field. Every day is a learning process.

One thing I find most disturbing in my line of work is handling a patient of my dad’s age. It is always difficult, especially when administering injections on their butt, some of them refuse.

I have observed that most youths take their health for granted, especially when it comes to sticking to one partner and taking drugs. This explains the rising cases of HIV/Aids. How I wish we could do better.

Despite the misconception that death is a normal occurrence to medical practitioners, nothing can be further from the truth. We are also humans; it feels sad whenever we lose a patient. We always feel we could have done better even when chances are slim.

In medical school, you are never prepared to encounter death. All we learn is the stages of death, until you come face to face with it when handling a patient, that’s when reality hits you.

Some of the misconceptions I have heard about nurses is that we are rude. Well, there could be one or two, but the generalisation isn’t cool because that’s not what we trained to be.

Did you know snoring is not normal? I learnt this from a pediatric consultant. To some people, it can be a chronic problem, to others it can be a serious health condition.

With my first salary, I bought my father a smartphone. I have never seen him that happy, that moment was priceless. He really struggled with my fees.

During my off days, you will find me watching movies and sometimes hanging out with friends.

They say dating a pilot or a medic is an extreme sport. I agree because It really requires patience, understanding and trust. Working, especially on night shifts, isn’t easy, it needs your significant other to be super understanding.

I have been hit on by a patient, but whenever that happens, I just maintain good friendship, nothing much. Relationship with patients is against our work ethics.

There is also this day a patient asked me out, but didn’t go because I didn’t find it appropriate. I always strive to maintain a nurse-patient relationship.

I do commercial modeling once in a while. I also do collaboration shoots with photographers. Commercial modeling really requires time, which sometimes presents a difficult balance with work.

With the new year coming, I harbour big dreams for the future. I want to go back to school and advance my career as well as own a clothing line and photo studio.

One medical advice I will never tire of emphasising on is ‘people should always take good care of themselves by often going for medical screening, especially cancer screening. At the moment it is the number one killer disease.

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